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Pediatric Private Duty Nursing & Home Health Therapy in Houston, TX

Let Us Show You the Daisy Way

The goal at Daisy Kids Care in Houston, TX has always been to provide our patients and their families with thorough care and support when they need it most. Our private pediatric nurses and home care therapists specialize in working with children, understanding their needs, and catering to the dynamics of the entire family to provide a superior level of care. Our team of medical professionals dedicates themselves to providing your child and family with comprehensive therapeutic interventions and nursing care. Learn more about our services and how your child can benefit from our flexible care.

Our services:

We understand that taking care of a child with a disability or illness is no easy feat. That’s why we offer services that treat your child’s unique needs in a setting that makes them feel most comfortable. Our provided services include:

  • Home Health & Outpatient Therapy – By offering our exceptional services in both a home and clinical environment, we can better cater to the unique needs of our patients and their families.
  • Private Duty Nursing – When your child needs around-the-clock care, our in-home nurses provide the highest quality medical attention and support.
  • Physical Therapy – If your child has movement troubles that hinder them from completing everyday tasks, our team provides convenient, comprehensive, in-home physical therapy sessions.
  • Occupational Therapy – From learning impairments to developmental issues to sensory or motor problems, occupational therapy is beneficial for improving the quality of life in many ways.
  • Speech Therapy – Speech disorders are fairly common among children, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Our in-home speech therapy sessions will get your child to a point where they feel more confident when communicating.
  • Outpatient Rehab – Our rehabilitation clinic is designed to create an ideal environment for therapy. The clinic includes a PT gym, sensory room, feeding room, as well as OT and speech rooms.

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Take A Look at What Makes Us Special

For nearly a decade, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure our clients and their families receive the high-quality support they deserve. From our trained therapists and nurses to our compassionate administrative staff, we strive to provide services tailored to each patient’s unique situation. Not only were we voted one of the top pediatric home health agencies in all of Houston, but our state-of-the-art therapy facility goes above and beyond to cater to your child’s needs. This therapy center offers the following:

  • The PT Gym – Complete with scooters, weights, mats, therapy balls, a rock wall, and more! Our physical therapists use this equipment to help your child increase strength as well as mobility.
  • The Feeding Room – play kitchen, play food, eating utensils, and several other tools are utilized in this fun room to assist our speech therapists in teaching your child basic day-to-day activities.
  • The Speech & Occupational Therapy Rooms – These areas are adorned with tables, rugs, games, and cozy reading corners for that “homey” feel. Speech and OT spaces are equipped with activities used to improve speech and fine motor issues.
  • The Sensory Room – We have created spaces where your child can explore different sensations that challenge their sensory system while in a relaxing and supportive environment.
  • Our Dr. Suess Themed therapy clinic has over 10 individual rooms, and 2 gyms to better serve your child’s needs.

Houston’s Premier Pediatric Therapy & Private Duty Nursing Solution

Our accomplished medical professionals can provide your child with one-on-one care that is not only comprehensive but also highly personal. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to medical care, and we promise to treat your child like the unique individual they are. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will do everything we can to make sure you and your child feel welcomed and accepted. We find many parents are worried about being able to afford the care their child needs. That’s why we work hard to make sure our services are flexible and affordable.

It is important to note that while our services are for individuals under 21 years of age, we are often able to continue our services if your child surpasses 21 while an active client of ours. This is due to specific Medicaid or commercial insurance programs and will need to be addressed in advance for the good of your child. Please contact the administrator, or the director of nursing, six months before your child’s 21st birthday for transition inquiries.

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Call Now to Schedule an Evaluation

At Daisy Kids Care, we’re ready to help your child live their very best life. As the Houston area’s first choice for pediatric private duty nursing and home health therapy, let us show you why so many families have benefitted from The Daisy Way. We do same-week evaluations, and you’ll never be put on a waitlist. Contact us now to get started creating a better life for your child.


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