About Daisy Kids Care in Houston, TX

Pediatric Private Duty Nursing & Home Health Therapy

At Daisy Kids Care, we started out with a vision to provide safe, high-quality medical care to children throughout the Houston, TX area. Nearly a decade later, we’ve successfully provided families all across the region with pediatric private duty nursing and home health therapy services that truly make a difference in improving your child’s quality of life. We provide the comprehensive solutions they need and deserve. From private duty nursing to a range of therapy services, we continuously strive to improve our delivery of care. Learn more about our mission and how our staff does everything we can to ensure you and your child feel accepted in our care.

Our Mission

Our private pediatric nurses and home care therapists specialize in working with children who are 21 and under. They are also experts at assessing patients’ various needs and family dynamics to deliver a higher level of care. As a licensed home health agency, we take our work very seriously and have made it our mission to give individuals and their families the premier level of care they deserve. In carrying out this mission, Daisy Kids Care vows to:

  • Respect the client’s and family’s rights and confidentiality.
  • Involve the client and family in care or treatment planning and help them understand any medical condition at hand.
  • Provide ongoing quality monitoring and improvement.
  • Offer competency medical peer review of staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our clients and their families.
  • Deliver comprehensive, quality care to our clients and their families.
  • Coordinate all members of the healthcare team in the delivery of appropriate client care.

The Services We Offer

We understand that caring for a child who is sick or injured is hard, and it’s even harder to find someone you can trust when it’s time to reach out for help. Let Daisy Kids Care be your helping hand through the struggles you and your child may be facing. Whether your child is experiencing developmental delays or chronic illness, we have the services to improve their overall quality of life. These services include the following:

  • Private Duty Nursing – From following doctors’ orders and evaluating your child’s condition to administering medication and coordinating care schedules, we offer in-home care services for your child no matter the scope.
  • Physical Therapy – Regular physical therapy sessions can improve fine motor skills and increase mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy – If your child’s motor, sensory, or social skills could use some extra attention, our staff will help your child develop an understanding of how to adapt to their circumstances.
  • Speech Therapy – When your child has trouble with articulation, fluency, or voice, speech therapy can help.
  • Pediatric Outpatient Rehab – State of the art rehabilitation clinic for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

We Improve Your Child’s Quality of Life

When it comes to your child, we understand you expect the highest level of care. And, to us, there’s no other option. Our team works hard each and every day to ensure the children we cater to have the best chance of maintaining a happy and healthy life. Through thorough communication, compassionate care, and clinical excellence, we do everything within our power to deliver the support of our patients and their families’ need.

Call Today to Learn More

When you call on our locally-owned and -operated child care company, you’ll feel confident in your choice. Not only do we cater to those needing outpatient rehab therapy in the Houston area, but we can also accommodate in-home therapy and care services as well. Trying to care for a child who needs special medical attention is not easy to do on your own. We want to help take some of the weight off your shoulders while simultaneously providing your child with the best possible care. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Wait Lists
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Fast & Easy Transitions
  • One-On-One Patient Care
  • Locally Family Owned & Operated
  • Ongoing Quality Monitoring & Improvement