Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Houston

Daisy Kids Care offers pediatric occupational therapy out of our facility in Houston, TX. Our skilled occupational therapists are here to help your child manage day-to-day activities so they can participate as fully as possible in school, be active with friends, and be comfortable at home. Children who have experienced or are dealing with an illness or injury may have challenges doing “normal” things, and occupational therapy is designed to help them learn or manage these skills to the best of their ability.

Occupational therapy can also benefit children who are not quite up to speed on certain milestones, or those that may have learning or attention challenges. It is also used in cases where a child has difficulty with organizational skills. Contact our office to learn more about all the applications for this type of therapy.

Does my child need occupational therapy?

It can be difficult to know if your child would benefit from occupational therapy, but there are some ways to tell if it could be a good idea. Occupational therapy may be appropriate if your child has difficulty with any of the following:

  • Writing
  • Upper body and hand strength
  • Play activities
  • Dressing
  • Hygiene skills
  • Feeding
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Visual motor integration
  • Educational and cognitive skills
  • Sensory processing

If any of these or other day-to-day tasks are hard for your child, they may benefit from occupational therapy. If you see your child struggling with certain tasks, or if they are simply having difficulty overall with managing the tasks involved in daily living, there’s no reason to feel stressed about it. We can help assess the situation and let you know if occupational therapy might be helpful. Simply call our office and make an appointment for an evaluation, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about your child and see if we can assist.

Our occupational therapists

Our dedicated occupational therapists help your child achieve independence in various aspects of their daily lives. We facilitate learning, play, and self-care skills by improving their sensory, fine motor, behavioral, and visual perception skills in a fun and caring environment. Not all occupational therapy clinics work with children regularly, but it is our sole focus. The staff here specializes in this particular area of therapy, so you know your child will be getting excellent care when they’re with us.

Occupational therapy for kids requires a special type of person, one who can connect with the child and make them feel comfortable while teaching them how to improve day-to-day tasks. Besides using exercises, therapists may also work with the child to come up with behaviors and patterns that are helpful. We draw from a collection of techniques to come up with a plan for each young person we work with, and we know each case is unique. Please contact our staff in Houston today to schedule an appointment for your child. We’re here to help—and we don’t have a wait list!

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