Pediatric Home Health Care Services in Houston, TX 

Referrals for Pediatric Home Care Services

Pediatric home healthcare services are a crucial decision supporting children’s and parents’ well-being. Many families seek referrals and recommendations to guide them to the right childcare provider. As Houston, TX’s leading child home care services, Daisy Kids Care proudly accepts referrals, helping you achieve exceptional home care services for your child.

Pediatric Home Health Care Services by Daisy Kids Care in Houston, TX

We Gladly Accept Referrals

The trust of our Houston, TX community is the most valuable compliment and a testament to our hard work and dedication here at Daisy Kids Care. We gladly accept referrals from parents, physicians’ offices, social workers, hospitals, or discharge coordinators. We are proud to be recommended by those who have experienced the level of care we provide.

Accepted Payers

Daisy Kids Care accepts an array of payers. Our list of accepted payers includes:

  • Private pay
  • Commercial insurance In-Network- United Healthcare
  • Commercial Insurance Out-Of-Network – All Others
  • Traditional Medicaid
  • CHIP
  • Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
    • Amerigroup
    • Texas Children’s Health Plan (TCHP)
    • Molina
    • Superior
    • United Healthcare Medicaid
    • Community Health Choice

Our Child Home Care Services Referral Process

Our mission is to ensure each child can access premium pediatric home healthcare services. As such, we ensure a simple and effective referral process that alleviates the stress of finding a dedicated childcare provider. Choose Daisy Kids Care for a smooth transition to hands-on services that benefit you and your child.

Get In Touch Today

Our referral process begins with getting in touch with our trusted staff. We ask that parents, physicians, social workers, or discharge coordinators send us their referrals by contacting our team by phone, fax, or email.

Fax: 832-895-0293

Phone: 713-766-3849

Email: or

Admission and Initial Consultation

Once our staff has received a referral, we will contact the referred family to schedule admission and initial consultation. This meeting allows parents to discuss their requirements and have their questions and concerns answered. We then complete admission paperwork and highlight their programs and services.

Evaluation and Assessment

Following the admission meeting, one of our trusted evaluating therapists will schedule an evaluation and assessment with the family. During the evaluation, our professionals will learn about the child’s needs and determine the frequency of pediatric home care services. This information is then sent for approval to the PCP.

Warm Welcome

Once the referral steps have been completed and the child’s evaluation is approved by the PCP, Daisy Kids Care will start services.

What We Do for You and Your Child

At Daisy Kids Care, our child home care services exceed industry standards. Some of the benefits include:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Engaging programs that foster social interaction, emotional support, and more
  • Enhanced safety
  • Open communication
  • Flexible scheduling

In-Home Occupational Therapy for Children

Daisy Kids Care provides an array of in-home occupational therapy services for children. Our trusted professionals excel in sensory, motor, behavioral, and learning impairments, helping children learn and adapt to their circumstances. Our personalized services encompass one-on-one care plans and attentive support in an environment that feels most familiar to your child.

Private Duty Nursing to Accommodate Every Child

At Daisy Kids Care, every child should have access to a dedicated private duty nurse through our trusted home care services. As such, we extend our services to accommodate the following conditions:

  • Chronic respiratory problems
  • Brain damage or traumatic injuries
  • Premature birth
  • Severe, chronic illness
  • Mental disorders
  • Paralysis
  • And many more

Contact Daisy Kids Care in Houston and Surrounding Cities

If you know a family that would benefit from the unparalleled care provided by Daisy Kids Care’s leading pediatric home care services, we encourage you to send our care staff a referral. Kindly fill out a referral form or contact us to help a child receive the dedicated care they need.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Wait Lists
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Fast & Easy Transitions
  • One-On-One Patient Care
  • Locally Family Owned & Operated
  • Ongoing Quality Monitoring & Improvement