Comprehensive Home Care Services in Houston

Caring for children is a huge challenge, especially when they get sick or hurt. If your child is struggling with an injury or health condition, never fear! Daisy Kids Care is here to help parents and children in Houston, TX, and the surrounding communities. Whether your child suffers from a chronic illness and needs constant care or your child’s speech isn’t developing normally, we can help. It’s our mission to provide comprehensive, quality care to all of our clients and their families, as well as to respect confidentiality. Our in-home services are available throughout the Houston metro area, as well as the communities of Tomball, Cypress, Katy, Spring, Magnolia, Humble, Conroe, Sugarland, and The Woodlands.

Skilled Private Duty Nursing Care for Kids in Houston, TX

We’re proud to offer private duty nursing in the Greater Houston Area. This service is beneficial for children who need around-the-clock care. Working parents especially will benefit from our compassionate pediatric care while they’re away at their jobs. Our team members have helped children coping with mental disorders, scoliosis, brain injuries, and much more. The private duty nurses at Daisy Kids Care do much more than just administer medication. They often offer much-needed emotional support for children and give parents the respite they need to provide for their families. Ask our friendly staff for more information on skilled private-duty nursing care for kids in Houston, TX.

Schedule In-Home Physical Therapy Sessions for Children

In-home physical therapy is another of our primary services in Houston and the surrounding communities. Pediatric physical therapists help children work through disabilities and developmental delays through play and other fun activities. At Daisy Kids Care, we never want physical therapy to feel like work. Instead, we transform our strategies into games kids will love, and then you can continue after we leave your Houston, TX home. Regular physical therapy sessions have been shown to increase mobility, heighten fine motor skills, and generally make life easier for children.

Premier Pediatric Occupational Therapy In and Around Houston

Have you considered occupational therapy to address your child’s health concerns? Occupational therapy for children is beneficial for improving their quality of life in several ways. We work with children who struggle with mobility, balance, and even holding a pencil. Perhaps your child started walking just fine, but you’ve noticed problems when it comes to sensory perception. If your child seems particularly sensitive to sights, sounds, or smells, they may also benefit from the premier occupational therapy services at Daisy Kids Care. Many of our Houston, TX clients come to us to assist their children with social interaction and learning disabilities. Our occupational therapists work with these children to improve concentration and increase impulse control. If your child has a condition we can alleviate with occupational therapy, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Effective Speech-Language Therapy for Kids

A baby speaking their first words is an exciting time for parents. However, some children struggle to reach the milestones associated with speech and communication. If this is the case for your child, our speech therapists can help. Daisy Kids Care employs experienced speech-language pathologists who will visit your Houston, TX home to work with your child one-on-one. With help from our team, your child will work toward developing correct pronunciation, forming sentences, and understanding simple requests. While no speech therapist can cure articulation and fluency disorders, we can give your child the tools to communicate effectively.

Home Health & Outpatient Clinical Therapy

Daisy Kids Care/ Daisy Kids Therapy provides exceptional Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies to our patients in all settings. By offering our services in both the Home Health and Clinical environments we offer maximum flexibility to determine the best option and maximize outcomes for your child.

If Home Health Therapy is the best option we are able to provide these services to our patients in their home, a daycare, or a Head Start/school setting. Providing services in the child’s natural environment has many potential benefits.

If Clinic Care is your choice, we now have a state-of-the-art facility in Northwest Houston to provide services for patients who may need a more structured clinical environment to achieve maximum growth and progress.

Therapy-Home Care – Many families feel home is the right location for services in the following instances:

  • Your child has a complex medical condition that requires private-duty nursing
  • Your child is Medically fragile
  • Your child has a compromised immune system
  • Your child is under the age of 2
  • You have difficulty transporting medical equipment
  • Transportation limitations
  • Your child has difficulty interacting with other children or high levels of stimulation

Therapy in your home may help your child feel more comfortable and at ease which can be very beneficial for some types of therapy.

The home setting may be the best option for a child when there are young siblings, challenging school schedules, and transportation difficulties.

Therapy Clinic

A child may be better served in our Clinic setting if they are in need of a more specialized environment, specialized equipment, or a consolidated therapy schedule between multiple therapy services. We have a new state-of-the-art location in Northwest Houston to meet your child’s ever-changing needs. The pediatric therapy clinic offers specialized equipment that cannot be taken into the home such as our rock wall, ball pit, and other specialized equipment to meet a child’s therapy needs. Children seem to benefit from Clinic Therapy in the following instances:

  • Your child needs the structure a therapist can put in place in the clinical setting
  • Your child needs to have multiple therapies on the same day
  • There are less distractions so your child can better focus on therapy
  • Your child seems to need a bigger challenge in therapy to make more progress
  • Needed equipment to enhance therapy treatment
  • Your child and caregiver benefit from the social aspect of similar peers

Healthcare professional offering comprehensive home health care services to a young child in Houston, TX

Building a Reputation for the Best Pediatric Care in Houston

When you’re searching for the best home care for your child, you need to be sure you’re picking a healthcare provider you can trust. Daisy Kids Care has built a reputation for quality, caring service over the years, and we work to uphold our standards every day. Don’t settle for just any home care services in Houston, TX when you could opt for the best. Whether you need extensive private-duty nursing for your child or only a few physical therapy sessions, we’re here for you. Contact us for more information today.

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